Ladyboys in Chiang Mai

Day 1 On arrival in Chiang Mai, we participated in a Muy Thai lesson. Now my whole life I have often mixed up shoulders and elbows, Muy Thai is not a sport you want to be confused about identifying limbs and left & rights. For some bizarre reason, I had envisaged Muy Thai as being a very peaceful meditateive-like sport that would be done on … Continue reading Ladyboys in Chiang Mai

The best day of my life…

My favourite day of the week and time of the day when travelling has to be Monday mornings, because I know how much I dislike them in the 9-5 (8-10 in my career of finance) Monday to Friday working world. So, I wake up Monday morning, surrounded by lakes, floating on somewhat pecarious planks of wood, swinging in a hammock. C’est la vie. We embark … Continue reading The best day of my life…

Kanchanaburi – Floating Bungalows

En route to the floating bungalows, the coach stopped at the war memorial and cemetry.We then boarded jungle rafts which took us to the floating bungalows, the sights along this raft trip where truely unique and stunning. Our main source of energy were some gas lanterns in this isolated beautiful under world. Swim suit on, or “bathers” as the Australian’s amongst us call it. Instead … Continue reading Kanchanaburi – Floating Bungalows

From London to Bangkok

Day 1 – After an unplanned late evening of improptu prosecco and walk-in guests to say their farewells and wish me luck, I managed to finish packing by about 2am. I managed to fit my life possesions into my rather small Osprey Fairview 55. This did prove quite the challenge and sadly my newly purchased full-size shampoo and conditioner, electric toothbrush and my newly re-heeled … Continue reading From London to Bangkok